Ahtanum, WA Pest Control

Like the rest of Yakima County, Ahtanum isn't subject to the pouring rains of the coastline; it experiences dry summers and mild winters, with only a moderate amount of snowfall. However, this doesn't mean that it's safe from pests; there are plenty out there that will enter your home or business in search of warmth or food.

Prosite Pest Control has a team of licensed and insured technicians who can easily take care of the following pests for you, so if you find any signs of them, you'll want to call us for an inspection and a free estimate.


If your property has holes in the roof, cracks in the exterior, an easily accessible drain pipe, or an improperly sealed window, it will be easy for rats and mice to get in. They can squeeze through even the tiniest crevice, and once they're inside, they're liable to produce a lot of structural damage. To build their nests, rats will take any soft materials like cardboard or fiberglass insulation, and to wear down their incisors, they'll gnaw on wood. Left alone for too long, they'll burrow into your kitchen or laundry area.

Apart from seeing actual rodents or spotting their nest, you can determine their presence through things like grease marks (caused by rats) and urine stains with a strong ammonia smell. Since they're nocturnal creatures, you might hear them scuttling around the attic at night. It's important to remove them as soon as possible since they can transmit a range of conditions from rat-bite fever to leptospirosis.


These insects usually bother homeowners outdoors, but some can be attracted to the light or the carbon dioxide exhaled inside a home and enter through cracks, holes in screens, and other obvious ways. Their bites don't just make you itch; they might also transmit disease. Mosquitoes are known to harbor viruses like the West Nile virus and the Zika virus, and disease like malaria and yellow fever are still a concern in our part of the world.

Since they lay eggs in standing water, make sure to inspect areas like your pool, children's pool, and birdbath. Mosquitoes will even be attracted to flowerpots. They also dwell in leafy, shady places like trees, shrubs, and tall grasses. Let our inspectors come over, determine the extent of the infestation, and kill the pests from the eggs and larvae to the adults.


From moisture ants to pavement ants to carpenter ants, your property can become the feeding ground for a host of these pests. If you have vegetation hitting against your exterior, a dirty garbage can, or food laying out in your kitchen, these will increase the chances of ants moving in. They'll eat meat, pet food, starchy foods, and sugar.

Structural damage is a concern with carpenter ants and moisture ants; the former burrow and nest in wood and the latter actually eat it, like termites. If you find a hole in your siding, eaves, or attic beams and a pile of sawdust underneath, that's a sign of carpenter ants. Since ant colonies are hard to trace, you'll want our team for the job.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control

Prosite Pest Control is environmentally conscious, and our integrated pest management makes use of naturally occurring chemicals. To get that free estimate for pest control, call us today!