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Welcome to Prosite Pest Control, where your needs are answered with solutions. We feel Pest Control should be delivered in a fast, affordable, and effective manner. 

From insects to wildlife, we provide a wide range of options that meet some the toughest demands. Your home is valuable and your family is precious, we understand, and believe you should be treated as a member of our family.

Our goal is to provide outstanding service in our community and build lasting relationships, bringing you excellent value in pest control that you really appreciate. This and more is how our customers receive the professional care, and friendly service they can count on!

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The Washington State Dept of Health gives good advice on overall prevention of West Nile Virus. In years past the “virus” has crept seemingly closer to our area with most recent findings in Benton County.

Mosquitos are the primary carrier, making prevention the key to managing the risk of West Nile Virus. Combat breeding sites by changing water in wading pools and bird baths. Use proper mosquito repellants.

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Mosquitos are a concern to public health due to their annoying bite. Five major groups of mosquitos live in Washington. They’re distinguished by two main characteristics: scales on their bodies, and the females have a distinctive blood-sucking proboscis. Mosquitos develop from egg to larvae to pupa to adult.  The first three stages are associated with water or moisture. Adults feed on plant juices and nectar for energy. Males do not bite humans, but females require a sizable blood meal to produce viable eggs.

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